Company Name Pegasus Engineering Corporation
Head Office Tamagawaya Bldg., 7th Floor
5-3 Maruyamacho
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
150-0044, Japan
T E L a 03-5428-0502
F A X a 03-5428-0504
E-mail a
Chairman Mr. Minoru Shibuya
President Mr. Teruhiko Takahashi
Capital 50 Million yen
Number of Employees 30
Established April, 2000
Business Description Construction Consultant
Transportation, Road, Railway, Port, Community Development
Engineering and Consulting Firms Association, Japan
Association of Japanese Consulting Engineers
Cooperate Overview
The demands for infrastructure projects, including transportation, socio-economic development, environmental protection and restoration, continue to increase worldwide and especially in developing countries. The governments and private sectors planning these infrastructures are required to provide the greatest benefits to their people and societies while saving time and budget. Any small- or large-scale infrastructure development projects require the most advanced technologies and strategic advice, planning and analysis to avoid costly investments to realize economically viable and technically sound projects.

With a view to coping with such demands, Pegasus Engineering Corporation (PEC) was established in 2000 by those principals who are former executives, senior engineers and economists of leading Japanese consulting engineering firms and construction industry. These business and technological experts, based on their professional achievements, offer optimum advice for clients to make the best judgments and decisions when committing to implement infrastructure projects; success of project implementation positively impact the economic development of their regions and countries well into the decades to come.

The experts and specialists of PEC with outstanding experience and independent from any conflicting business interest provide clients with advanced technology, practical engineering knowledge, financial analysis and project management. PEC is capable of delivering engineering solutions that are technologically advanced, cost effective, environmentally sound and sustainable. PEC with such qualified and experienced staff is able to offer such services as: